Friday, January 30, 2015

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How to recover from a social media PR disaster
American Express Open Forum
August 17, 2011

Mistakes happen. Maybe the timing of a tweet was ill-advised. Maybe one of your PR people posted on the corporate account when they meant to post to their own. Remember, we're all human.

That's what makes this article posted on the American Express Open Forum for small businesses such a great read. Author Zachary Sniderman explored some famous 'oopsie' moments that went from bad to 'bingo' based on the reactions of the parties involved. For instance, the tweet above, sent erroneously from the American Red Cross' account, was without a doubt a big time mistake.

Understanding that he could capitalize on the error, Dogfish Head brewery savvy PR coordinator Mariah Calagione used the opportunity to get the beer's fans to donate to this worthy cause.

The moral of the story - mistakes will be made. Just don't compound them by blowing them out of proportion.

Tom Iovino, Public Information Specialist
Pinellas County, Florida

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